To London Sovereign Harrow ER members

From William Spring Gen Sec Employees Representatives

I feel I must explain to you some of the problems we are having with London Sovereign management right now.

As you know I have been visiting the yard @ Harrow for a couple of years.

I have noticed in the last few months an abrupt change of tone, in that management seem to have lost their marbles.

People are being fired for ridiculous reasons & for those in training they are refusing to pay their wages on dismissal saying they must first pay back their training fees.

Also there have been very considerable delays on appeals, & there is also the problem of a new system which consistently pushes drivers into overtime against their wishes.

Last of all there is a religious element – a fairly relaxed attitude  about Muslim prayer times, whereby prayer was allowed as long as it didn’t disrupt the efficient functioning of the service is replaced
by an inquisitorial element provoking unnecessary confrontations..

Some of this can be put down to new management, but experience isn’t going to be obtained @ the expense of the jobs of my members.

In this new situation, this wave of anxiety spreading over LS Harrow, on account of this vicious new policy,  no doubt initiated by LS for economic reasons, (possibly  with the objective of eliminating experienced drivers to replace them with cheaper imports)  I need the help of Unite so that we all stand together.

My proposal is a demonstration outside the Harrow Garage.

I will ensure such a demonstration receives maximum media coverage.

Also I am taking all these matters up with TFL & the GLA Transport Committee, hopefully to strip LS of their franchise.

Please send me any input on these matters.

In solidarity

William Spring

Tel: 02083761454

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