Small Update & the EU Referendum


Apologies for my long delay in contacting people. We have now settled the ER accounts for the year ending 2015 which will be posted up on the Certification Officers web site shortly & our AGM will follow. Meanwhile here are my thoughts on the EU Referendum.

Recently it was revealed that if Bob Crow had lived it was his plan in the event of an EU Referendum to go a national tour with colleagues & political opponents to campaign for a LEAVE vote.

ER came directly out of the RMT. And I personally had immense respect for Bob Crow. But the RMT successes on the Underground were not paralleled in the bus industry. Too many companies have meant it is impossible to properly organise a strike. But Bob Crow also knew the effect of the EU was having on the UK working class. He described it as “the race to the bottom.”

The Labour Party used to be a national party for the UK working class.

Now Jeremy Corbyn, on whom I had high hopes when he first took over the leadership of the Labour Party seems to have sold out, taking the same side in the EU non debate as Jamie Dimon, head of Goldman Sachs, whose earned 8.5 million $ salary last year + a 5 million $ cash bonus, & also Will Straw, (son of the well known war criminal, Jack Straw, who promoted the Iraq War, which resulted in at least one million avoidable deaths, an ongoing tragedy for which Jack Straw and Tony Blair with George Bush were entirely responsible.)
Recently I got a leaflet through my door composed by Will Straw advocating a REMAIN vote, jointly authored by Professor Cathy Warwick OBE.

We know about Will Straw, but what do we know about Cathy Warwick?

She is Chair of the Trustees of the UK’s biggest abortion provider, the BPAS.

The BPAS started off as the Birmingham Pregnancy Advisory Service.

One of its founders was plant geneticist Martin Cole, who, as well as helping found BPAS, ran a brothel, the Institute of Sex Education and Research, whose finances were mysteriously linked in with the BPAS, now headed up by Cathy Warwick.

BPAS specialises in late abortions (up to 24 weeks gestation) but if the UK legal limit is passed BPAS sends its clients off to other jurisdictions where the limit doesn’t apply.

Next thing: Cathy Warwick has now become Chairperson of the Royal College of Midwives!!

Think about this for a moment.

If a woman has a TFL badge, “Baby on Board”, she shouldn’t get into a carriage with Professor Warwick, who spends most of her time killing babies.

That is until recently… she now has two jobs, the second job is as Chair of the Royal College of Midwives.

There is a bit of an incongruity here, a conflict of interest perhaps?

David Cameron in a SKY News debate quoted the RCM opinion on the EU Referendum.

Without consulting members, Cathy Warwick backs the REMAIN side but also changed RCM policy, which now supports abortion up to birth!!

These then are the experts then we must rely on, according to Cameron, Jamie Dimon, Cathy Warwick, & Will Straw.


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