Libellous statements by Unite at London Sovereign Garage

The following announcement was posted on the Unite notice board @ Harrow garage of London Sovereign last Wednesday 29th January 2014 by William Spring (GS of ER)

To London Sovereign drivers /engineers


I refer to the notice placed on the Unite notice board in the London Sovereign Harrow drivers’ room sometime in November 2013.

We have concluded that parts of it are libellous.

Consequently we plan on issuing proceedings, but only after giving Unite & the officials involved an opportunity to apologise for the numerous inaccuracies in the publication.

Unite would not have published such a scurrilous & defamatory document however without the assistance of London Sovereign, which company provided the platform for this attack, by keeping Unite offices @ the yard, a monopoly union, with its own full time officials.

We will want to know about their sources of income. If indeed the officials receive funding & facility time to do their work from the company then Unite can hardly be considered an independent union.  These points and others will have to be addressed by the Unite national leadership in the coming months.

We are an admittedly small, but also we are an independent union & what is the point of a massive union, which does nothing to protect its members in terms e.g. of threatening strike action when members are dismissed?
In some cases known to us Unite has actively colluded with the company in an unfair dismissal.

Developments will be posted on our revamped web site.

Also note our email address is now

For information  call me William Spring on 02083761454 or 07988874778

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